Two sisters got married with wrong grooms due to Electric Outage


Two sister got married with wrong grooms due to Electric Outage

The sisters married with wrong groom because of the power outage in an Indian State 

There is no doubt that nothing can be fixed in the dark and the same incident happened in neighboring country India, where two real sisters got married to the wrong groom due to power outage during last night.

This scene of a film took place in Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, when two real sisters took seven turns with the groom belonging to two different families.

According to the Indian newspaper 'India Today', a power outage took place in a town in Madhya Pradesh during the wedding celebrations of two real sisters. As a result, two sisters got married the wrong bridegroom.

According to the report, the both sisters had covered their faces during the village wedding rituals and both wore the same dress. So, it was difficult to clearly identify the both.

The both sisters Nikita and Karisma were getting married to two different grooms, Dangwara Bhola and Ganesh. However, during the last rites of marriage, there was a sudden power outage at night and darkness fell.

Despite the darkness, their wedding rituals continued, due to which the two sisters married the wrong groom. After coming back the electricity, their wedding ceremonies had completed.

After the brides’ marriage to the wrong groom, the matter emerged the quarrel between the families of brides and grooms. However, the community settled the issue after remarrying the both girls with right grooms.

Later, the both brides got married to the right grooms, which brought happiness within the bride and groom's families and relatives.

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