WhatsApp increases Members in WhatsApp Groups


WhatsApp group members increased

It is now possible to add more members to the WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp Management has announced to increase the number of members in any group to make it easier to manage the group.

Until now, only 256 members could be added to groups on WhatsApp, but now the number of members in any group has been doubled.

According to WebInfo, website about WhatsApp updates, the administration has introduced a new feature on 5 May 2022. However, users around the world will not be able to access this feature immediately.

Users will have to wait for a week and a half to use the new feature, after which almost all users will have access to it.

Although this feature has been introduced to users around the world, people in some other countries, including Brazil, will not be able to use it immediately.

WhatsApp administration has announced on 5 May 2022 regarding increasing the number of members in WhatsApp group from 256 to 512, which will take a week and a half to reach all users.

In addition to the above mentioned feature, WhatsApp has also recently introduced the feature of expressing feedback on any message through 'Reaction'.

The reaction function in WhatsApp will work in the same way that users express their views through emojis in Facebook, Instagram and Messenger messages.


Once the feature is introduced, all users will see the signs of the emoji while viewing the message and will be able to express their opinion with the emojis of their choice.

The user will select and tap any message, then the emoji section will open and the user can express his opinion by clicking on the response of his choice. This feature is also expected to be available to users around the world after a week or a week and a half.

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