Yasir Nawaz Advises Alizeh Shah for Better Performance



Producer, director and actor Yasir Nawaz has advised actress Alizeh Shah to save her showbiz career.

Yasir Nawaz recently participated in the show of his own wife, Nida Yasir as a guest in connection with the promotion of his film 'Chakar'.

Meanwhile, Nida Yasir showed Yasir Nawaz a card with a picture of Alizeh Shah and asked him if want to give any advice to Alizeh Shah.

In response to which Yasir Nawaz said that "Alizeh Shah is still young, she has a good time to make a career and her face is also very sweet."

Yasir Nawaz, while advising Alizeh Shah, further said, "If Alizeh Shah gets a little serious about her work, she will go a long way, therefore, she should get a little serious about her work."

It should be noted that Yasir Nawaz has talked in a show about his bad experience while working with Alizeh Shah.

Yasir Nawaz said about Alizeh Shah that "I was really upset after working with Alizeh Shah and I was starting to regret why I finally worked with this actress."

Yasir Nawaz had said that "when we are playing a role in a film or a drama, we should leave our private life behind, therefore, I was very worried about working with Alizeh Shah."

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