Saba Qamar intends to Marry During 2022 with any Foreigner


saba qamar intend to marry this year

Saba Qamar, the actress of the recently released film 'Kamli', has hinted that she will marry with a foreigner and say goodbye to showbiz after marriage.

Saba Qamar had hinted in early 2021 that she would soon marry with Pakistani-born Australian businessman and YouTuber Azeem Khan. However, when Azeem Khan was accused of sexually harassing girls, the actress announced regarding ending her relationship with the YouTuber.

Now, a year later, the actress has been seen repeatedly talking about marriage and relationships in her interviews over the past few weeks, hinting that she will be in a relationship by the end of this year. ۔

Now, in a recent interview, she talked more about her marriage and indicated that she would leave the show business after the marriage.

In a recent interview with journalist Maleeha Rehman, Saba Qamar talked about her role in the film 'Kamli' and other roles she has played so far, as well as her marriage and personal life.

In response to a question, the actress confirmed that she has been in a relationship with a man for some time and after having a relationship with him, her idea of ​​love has changed.

The actress refrained from giving clear information about the man, saying he is a foreigner but a Muslim. Saba Qamar did not specify whether the person she is in a relationship with and intends to marry is of Pakistani descent or a foreigner by birth.

She also expressed her intention to get married soon and at the same time expressed her desire to perform Hajj with her husband after marriage.

In response to another question, Saba Qamar said that she is sure that she will not be able to maintain her show business career after marriage and if her husband asks her to stop acting, she is ready to take this step for her husband.

She smiled and said that after marriage she would perform at home with her husband but would continue to share her videos and photos on social media.

After repeated remarks by Saba Qamar over the past few weeks about marriage, there is speculation that she may get married this winter.

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