TikTok announces Release of its Viral Hits Album


Tiktok one of the world's largest short video platforms, has announced the release of its debut album, Viral Hits.

According to media reports, a spokesperson for TikTok platform has announced that an album of Hits Music that has gone viral on TikTok has been released, which will be released in the form of a traditional CD.

In partnership with Warner Classics, TikTok has entered the traditional music market for the first time and will release 18 of TikTok's viral hits on streaming platforms as well as on online music stores.

30 second clips of 18 viral hit songs were available for use on TikTok yesterday.

The album will be released on all streaming platforms on 8 Jul 2022, while the full album, along with 'TikTok Classics: Memes and Viral Hits’ will be released on streamers and stores in August 2022.

TikTok has the credit to introduce short videos platforms for the first time, which has acquired the most fame in world and social media users around world turned to the app subsequently, YouTube got compelled to introduce short videos, later Facebook introduced reels platform for short video.

TikTok has faced many controversies in the globe and remained banned in many countries including Pakistan. TikTok is reportedly still banned in India.

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