Legend Poet Imdad Hussaini Expired at Karachi at the Age 82 Years



Sindh's renowned award-winning poet, writer and translator Imam Hussaini passed away at the age of 82 after prolonged illness

Imdad Hussaini was one of the modern poets of the Sindhi language, who gained fame for his bold imagination.

Imdad Hussaini was not only a poet, dramatist and novelist but he also translated the letters of Faiz Ahmed Faiz into Sindhi and also translated classical Sindhi literature novels and poetry into Urdu.

Imdad Hussaini remained active till the last days of his life and was seen in many literary events. He also participated in the 14th Urdu Conference in December 2021, while regularly participating in literary events organized by the Pakistan Arts Council in Karachi.

But he was confined to his home due to ill health for some time and was hospitalized several times during the last 6 months. Two weeks ago he was taken to the hospital in a critical condition and since then he was under treatment in the hospital but died on August 27, 2022.

Imdad Hussaini's son actor, dancer and choreographer Wajdan Shah told his fans through his Instagram story that his father has passed away and also appealed to his fans to pray for his father's forgiveness.

On the death of Imdad Hussaini, personalities associated with literature and entertainment expressed deep sorrow and termed his death as a great loss of Sindhi literature.

Chief Minister of Sindh, Minister of Culture and Secretary of Culture including important public and private figures related to literature also expressed deep sorrow over Imdad Hussaini's death. His fans expressed their grief over his death by sharing his old photos on social media.

Imdad Hussaini was suffering from respiratory problems and other ailments due to old age and was admitted to private hospitals in Karachi several times in the last 6 months.

He moved to Karachi in 2005 after retiring from the Sindh Text book Board and settled here.

He worked in Sindh Textbook Board, Sindhi Literary Board, Sindhi Language Authority and other institutions for the promotion of literature and language including writing the content of Sindhi language textbooks.

Syed Imdad Ali Shah alias Imdad Hussaini was born in March 1941 to Syed Fazal Muhammad Shah in Takhar, a small town near Hyderabad.  After his primary education in Hyderabad; he did his Masters in Sindhi from Sindhi University.

Apart from Sindhi, he was also proficient in Persian languages ​​including English, Urdu, Punjabi and Saraiki. His wife Professor Sahar Imdad Shah is also a poet and writer.

His published poetry books are “Imdad Ahay Rol” released during 1976, “Shahar Ashob” published in 1988 and “Hawa” published in 2000. Besides, Imdad Hussaini translated Mirza Qalich Baig’s Sindhi Novel “Zeenat” into Urdu Language. He has also translated poetry of Madhu Laal Hussain and Baba Farid Ganj Bakhsh from Punjabi to Sindhi Language.

Imdad Hussaini has also written songs for Sindhi films. His songs have been included in Sindhi films “Dharti Laal Kunwar, Sajan Sain, Hazir Sain,  Janiara and many other Sindhi films.  

Imdad Hussaini is left back in his family his family and three children, actor and dancer Syed Wajdan Shah is his eldest son, his youngest son Sawant Shah is a software engineer, while his daughter Sandhya Shah is a doctor.

Imdad Hussaini received the Pakistan State Award of Excellence in 2002 for his services, while he has also received several literary awards.

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