Anchorperson Irza Criticize Media Regarding Her death News


Anchorperson Irza Criticize Media regarding her death news

People ask that you were dead then how did you come back to life? TV presenter Irza Khan

Former news anchor, reporter and journalist Irza Khan revealed that she was reported dead after falling from a crane in 2016 and was later shocked when people saw her alive and asked if she was alive. So how did they come to life?

Irza Khan released a short video on her YouTube, in which she spoke for the first time about the incident that happened to her on 3 September 2016.

She said that she had gone to cover a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) rally on Lahore Ring Road that day when she suddenly fell from a crane, after which she became unconscious.

She said that she was reporting by climbing the crane at a height of about 20 feet, but she already felt that she was going to fall. But due to unemployment, she continued reporting and then suddenly she fell.

According to her, a day before that day, her health deteriorated and she got food poisoning. The doctors advised her to take medicine and rest, but the next day she came to report to the PTI gathering.

Irza Khan said she was accompanied by Tariq Mateen, who she said would fall, but her host laughed at her and told her to keep working.

The presenter and reporter said that after falling from such a height, she felt that her spine was broken and that she would never be able to walk again, she did not feel connected. But when the doctors checked her and gave her medical aid, they were also surprised that she did not get any injury, after which she thanked Allah profusely.

She was sorry that she had to go through such a serious accident but still the cameramen were busy recording her while the reporters questioned her in bad condition.

Irza Khan said that after the above video went viral, the news of her death also spread and till now the news of her death along with her illness has been spreading.

She said that some people make videos of her in the same video and claim that Irza Khan has epileptic seizures, while some people also claim that she has died.

She said that the people who heard the video and the news of her death were shocked to see her and said that she was dead, then how did she come alive?

Irza also criticized the people of Pakistani media industry and said that everyone knows her well. Despite this, no one has published an investigation and verification report, while the Indian media has published 15-minute investigative documentaries about her and the incident.

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Irza Khan said that the purpose of clarifying the incident of 2016 is so that people do not make more wrong videos on her previous video and do not mislead people and also do not give her mental pain.

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