Luxury Car Stolen in London Recovered from DHA Karachi


Luxury Car Stolen in London Recovered from DHA Karachi

Sindh Revenue and Excise Department recovered a luxury car stolen from London 

In a case of theft, violation of tax laws and illegal search of a luxury car, customs officials raided the house of the Defense Housing Authority. As a result, the Bentley Mulsanne car that was allegedly stolen in London was registered with the Sindh Revenue and Excise Department.

Foreign spies allegedly discovered the location of the vehicle and informed the customs authorities who detained 2 persons from DHA House and registered an FIR against them.

The excise department is accused of facilitating tax evasion of over Rs 30 crore while the provincial government registered the luxury vehicle. While importing the vehicle without the permission of the Ministry of External Affairs and the NOC issued by the customs, the value of the vehicle was reported as Rs 4 crore 14 lakh.

According to the FIR registered against the detained accused Jameel Shafi, Naveed Balwani and an unidentified facilitator of the Sindh Excise and Taxation Department and others, the Customs Collection Office received a "reliable" information from Dost Malik's intelligence agency, which said That a Bentley car was stolen. DHA, suspected to be from London, is stationed at a house (15-B South, 10th Street) in Karachi.

In this regard, the customs officials examined the facts and after fulfilling the legal requirements, searched the house along with the official and traced the vehicle parked there.

Officials asked the 'owner' Jameel Shafi to provide legal documents of the vehicle. In which, instead of producing legal documents, he said that the vehicle was sold to him by a person named Naveed Balwani with the terms of the agreement that he would be responsible for all matters of getting the required documents approved by the authorities. Valid till November 2022..

According to the FIR, the vehicle was impounded because the owner's statement was not satisfactory and the vehicle document could not be produced.

During the whole process Naveed Balwani was also seen there, when asked to produce the legal documents for the vehicle, Naveed Balwani expressed his 'failure' to provide the required documents and did not give a 'satisfactory answer'.

During preliminary investigation, Naveed Balwani told the customs that he had only helped to arrange a deal between Jameel Shafi and another person named Naveed Yameen regarding money and documents. While Naveed Yameen received cash and money order from Jameel Shafi as payment for the vehicle.

It has been stated in the FIR that the said vehicle was checked on the Sindh Government Car Registration Tax and Excise Department website and it was revealed that the vehicle was already registered in the Sindh Government Car Registration Tax and Excise Department. That is illegal. In this case sale permission from Ministry of External Affairs, NOC from Pakistan Customs was required along with payment of duties and taxes.

The FIR states that the suspicious registration of the vehicle indicates the collusion of the staff of the Taxation and Excise Department of Motor Registration.

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The Customs Department has named Naveed Yameen and an unidentified official of the Excise Department in the case registered under the relevant provisions of the Customs Act, 1969.

Customs officials believe that the named persons kept the said vehicle "illegally" and defrauded Rs 30,742,7997 in duty and taxes.

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