Actress Sajal Aly Appears in International Film for First Time



Actress Sajal Aly's first international film 'Whats Love Got To Do With It' 

The premier of films was presented at the famous international film festival 'Toronto International Film Festival' (TIFF).

The Toronto Film Festival started last week on September 8th and will continue until September 18th.

The Toronto Film Festival is one of the largest and oldest film festivals in the world, showcasing films from around the world.

The world premiere of Sajal Aly's What Love Got To Do With It was held on 11 September, with the cast and crew of the film also attending.

Sajal Aly was also a part of the Toronto Film Festival and several personalities from the entertainment world shared pictures and videos of his presence at the festival and congratulated him.

At the film festival, Sajal Aly was seen meeting Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi and other Pakistani actors and entertainers to congratulate him on the world premiere of his film at the Toronto Film Festival.

The first trailer of 'What Love Got To Do With It' was also released last week, which also showed glimpses of Sajal Aly's character.

The trailer shows that when Shahzad Latif's marriage is fixed, his friend Zoe comes with him from London to Lahore and films all the events and stages of their wedding to make a documentary. These types of questions are asked from . You will also get the answers you have been waiting for years.


This film will be the first international film of Sajal Aly, who had previously worked in Pakistani films.

The film is directed by Bollywood filmmaker Shikhar Kapur, who previously directed the 2007 biopic (Elizabeth: The Golden Age), which also won the Oscar for Best Production.

What's Love Got To Do With It was written by Jemima Goldsmith ex wife of Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan and produced by Studio Canal.

The film will hit theaters around the world on Christmas this year, possibly for the first time in the US, Canada, European countries and India. After which it will be launched simultaneously in Pakistan and UK in 2023.

The trailer shows Sajal Aly as a Pakistani girl while Shabana Azmi plays her mother.

The trailer also featured a glimpse of singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who will perform at Shahzad Latif and Sajal Aly's wedding ceremony.

The story of the film revolves around a British girl 'Zo' (Lily James) and a British boy of Pakistani origin (Shehzad Latif), who are not only neighbors but also childhood friends.

The released trailer shows that Shahzad Latif's parents want to marry him and have a relationship on dating apps including dating apps but fail. After which he arranges his marriage to a Pakistani girl (Sajal Aly).

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