TikTok announces to Launch a mini TikTok App with the name Tik Tok Now

TikTok Now App launching

Short video sharing app 'TikTok' has announced the introduction of a new mini application to gain more attention from the youth

TikTok is the most famous short video sharing application, which is largely used within the world. Popularity of the application has become also alarming for other video sharing applications like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram since, these applications have also started their programs for sharing of short videos like shorts and reels etc.

Keeping in view the gaining popularity of Tiktok, it has been modified many times in the past with amazing changes.

Now, the video sharing application has announced a to launch a mini-application called 'TikTok Now', through which users will be able to simultaneously use the front and back cameras of the mobile for creating  videos and photos with special default features.

In a blog post from the TikTok administration, it has stated that 'TikTok Now' will be a mini app which will work like TikTok and users will be able to use the this new app in TikTok as well.

TikTok will have a separate tab with the name 'TikTok Now', where users will be able to create special videos using both mobile cameras simultaneously.

'TikTok Now' will be available on TikTok as a tab, while users will also be able to create an account in its separate application.

Users under 16 years will also be eligible to make videos on TikTok Now, but they will not be able to share their videos.

Similarly, users between 13 to 15 years age will be eligible to comment on certain videos.

In 'TikTok Now' the user will also receive a notification to create a video or photos, whereas initially users will be able to create a 10 second video on it.

According to TikTok authorities, initially 'TikTok Now' will be introduced in the USA, later which it will be introduced in other countries sequentially.

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