My Husband Prepare Breakfast and Presses My Feet Also; Meharbano

My Husband Prepare Breakfast and Presses My Feet Also; Meharbano


Meharbano Says that her husband prepares breakfast and presses feet when she is tired

Actress Mehrabano sharing an emotional post with her husband after three weeks of marriage said that her husband not only presses her feet but also cooks breakfast and dinner for her.

News regarding marriage of actress Mehrabano surfaced on 10 October 2022, while the makeup artist shared pictures and videos of her wedding.

Earlier, the actress quietly got engaged to producer Shahrukh Ali in February this year and she did not officially announce her engagement.

Last week on October 27, three weeks after the wedding photos went viral, Mehrabano shared the wedding photos without confirming that they are married.

Now, for the first time, she has shared an emotional post for her husband, revealing that both are friends and have been in a relationship for years.

Sharing romantic photos with her husband Shahrukh Ali, the actress said that they were best friends for many years before becoming spouse to each other.

She wrote that Shah Rukh Ali was her friend who cared for her a lot, she felt safe when she was with him, but she did not know that the love between her and Shah Rukh was also safe.

The actress praised Shahrukh Ali and wrote that as a husband he has turned out to be better than her expectations, he makes breakfast and also cooks dinner.

Mehrabano said that her husband also presses her feet when she is tired, while he becomes a clown to make her laugh in times of trouble.

Talking about marriage in his post, the actress wrote that in her opinion, marriage is a lifetime commitment in which quarrels and problems do not matter.

She wrote that sometimes quarrels and problems help you to realize that you have chosen the right partner for marriage.

Actress Mehrabano advises women not to be afraid of marriage and the fights that follow, it's a very sweet process, don't limit yourself to problems.

Several personalities from the entertainment world commented on her post and wished her well and congratulated her.

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